Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween was a scream!

We have regular family dinners on Friday nights at my mom's house, so with Halloween falling on Friday this year, we all came dressed up. My sister Gayle, who lives with Mom, was a Whoopee cushion. Michaela is Miss Peacock, a part of our Clue board game character set.

Rachel and Jared are Miss White and Colonel Mustard, while Zack is a pteradactyl and Corbin is the character Link from Legend of Zelda. He really looks good with pointy ears.

Here's the whole Clue group, doing what they do best, contemplating mayhem with their weapons. From the left, that's Paul as Mr. Green with a lead pipe, me as Professor Plum with a rope, Trystan as Miss Scarlet with a wrench, Michaela as Miss Peacock with a knife, Rachel as Miss White with a candlestick, and Jared as Colonel Mustard with a revolver. Happily everyone survived the evening.

Nephew Devin looking dapper with the sultry Miss Scarlet. They make a lovely couple, but alas, they are cousins.

Assorted characters; Pebbles Flintstone, pirate lady, hippy, Wilma Flintstone....

Will and the Flintstones, Jarad and Morgan.

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Judy S. said...

Too funny, Janet. As kids we spent hours playing Clue......