Friday, February 15, 2008

Hearts for swapping

These are some hearts I've made mainly for swapping on Chains of Hearts. I have a few others pieced but not embellished.

Greens and black with lavender accents in beads and silk ribbon embroidery.

This one is done as antique-ish looking as I could make it. I really love antique crazies with their hodge-podge of colors and stitching. The old fashioned lady is a print on fabric that I got from Candi Harris with an order from her Etsy shop. Thanks Candi!

This one is blues and black with gold accents in the beaded bouquet. The flower and leaf shaped "beads" are plastic, but they have a nice look about them.

And finally, some moire taffeta and satin with lace and bead work... and two butterflies doing a little spring dance.

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tinaquiltseverything said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments...good idea on the spider...I hadn't quite figured that out. I'm happy to be in the CQNewbies, too...I've so enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful work! Love your hearts!

Thanks again,