Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Colorado Retreat 2011

I'm back home from the retreat, and it was so much fun! We began on Wednesday evening with introductins and show and tell. Then on Thursday morning, we had the Stash Dash! Loads of donated fabric, trims and buttons were up for grabs. The Fabric Fairy got us started:

Isn't she a vision? I hope she doesn't notice the gaping hole she eventually had in the back of her gown. I mean, who could resist that lovely green brocade??? Not me, uh, I mean not someone with scissors in hand.

Diane pointed the way to the heavily laden tables, as the scissor-wielding stash seekers milled around like impatient pirates ready to pillage a pile of pfabric!

Not everyone was cut-throat about it, though. Here are Hazel and Pam, vowing to share scissors.

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