Sunday, February 27, 2011

Party yarn!

My friend Ingrid in California sent me some party yarn that she got. She's used it to make spider web roses, so I gave it a try on this fairy block I've been working on forever.

The rose on the right is the first one I tried. I used a 5 spoke wheel to begin. The second one, on the left, I used a 7 spoke wheel. I think I like it a little better. All in all, I love the party yarn and think it works similarly to silk ribbon, so I'll be trying some other silk ribbon stitches with it.

This is a baby quilt I helped make. The new baby belongs to my nephew and his fiance. She has 3 older kids by her first marriage, so my sister (the grandmother) asked the 3 kids to make drawings (and one from the baby's cousin Kiera). She transferred the drawings to fabric and I stitched them together. That's teamwork!

This is my fire bellied toad, Ignis. He lives in a tank in the kitchen with his friend Imus. They are quite entertaining pets and have been with us for at least 7 years.


Lauri said...

What is party yarn?

Laurie said...

Hi Janet! I have never heard of party yarn, what is it? I would love to locate some. Your fairy block is coming along beautifully. Love your frog too! My son has a chorus frog that lives in their kitchen and brings some tunes of his own.

crafty cat corner said...

Please take a look at my blog, I think you will be interested in my rescue of a wild frog.

Mary said...

The roses are so beautiful and vivid! I love that the yarn is variegated and shiny. Where can we get some? I've never heard of it. Cute frog.

Juli said...

Hello Janet!

I'm also interested in this mysterious party yarn. And, fantastic blocks!