Monday, January 24, 2011

Poem contest winner!

Thank you to everyone who helped me finish my poem. You all had great ideas, and some were so similar! Great minds think alike, obviously.

I wish I could send each of you something, but the postage might get to be a bit much for my budget. My plan was to choose as winner the one with the lines I liked best, but about half way through the contest, I came up with lines that I feel best represent my personal thoughts on the subject:

I pray that I may crazy quilt until my dying day!
And when it comes to my last stitch I then most humbly pray;
When to the Lord's great nimble hands my spirit starts to soar,
That in His mercy I be judged a UFO no more!

I suppose it only makes sense to those of us who know what a UFO is in quilt-speak. For those who don't know, it is an Un-Finished Object.

Leslie had the finishing line that most closely matched the thought behind mine:

That in his mercy I be judged embellished enough to keep!

So I declare Leslie the winner, and she may now choose her prize: some CQ stash or a finished CQ item!


piney cq said...

Goodness! Thank you Janet! I'm sooo surprised! :) Stash it is I guess! LOL!!

Cathy K said...

Janet, I love your poem the best! I bet if you were to stitch that on a CQ-ey item for the next Retreat Chinese Auction, it would be THE hot thing. I know I`d be stealing it! (hint, hint). :-) Hugs, Cathy

Thearica said...

Yoo-hoo!! Congrats Leslie!

Asha said...

Love your new version. Now looking forward to seeing it stitched up! Maybe you'll share the pattern?! Congratulations to Leslie! :)

MosaicMagpie said...

Just found your blog and kived reading the poem!

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Janet, I just love the idea of dying my own lace etc, but have not the faintest idea how to do this.
I may not be able to obtain the same stuff as you, as I am in the u.k. but to give me a general idea, what would I need to get started.
Hope you don't mind me asking.
I love crazy patchwork as you can see on my blog, but the dying looks great and I could add to my blocks.