Friday, April 23, 2010

Wildlife in my back yard

My youngest daughter was working in the flower bed last week and found this little fellow, a garden snail. In all my years here in Colorado, I've never seen one of these before, and assumed it was much too dry for them here. I've seen slugs this big inside the pit where the sprinkler valves are, but this guy is so cute with his curly little shell and his 4 "horns". He is currently living in a jar in my kitchen, being kept warm (it dipped down to 39 degrees this morning) and eating his chosen food; day lily leaves.

Then she found a yellow garden spider on a yellow tulip. These I have seen before, on yellow daffodils. They seem to know they're well hidden on a flower that shares their color. If you look closely you'll see she's caught a small fly.


Catsngrams said...

Wow neat back yard pets.

Judy S. said...

Having lived in San Diego where snails were rampant, I'm not so sure you want to encourage this little guy..... They are kinda cute, but voracious eaters almost like bunnies. BTW I love your Sunday School quilt....we are singing the Creation next week!