Friday, April 23, 2010

Tulips and a donated quilt

Tulips have been really pretty this year. These are in the back yard...

...and these are in the front. Check out the red streak in the yellow tulip.

And here is this year's quilt designed by my 3rd grade religious education class. I try to tie in the quilt with the lesson on works of mercy. Donating a quilt is both a corporal work of mercy (clothe the naked) and a spiritual work of mercy (comfort the afflicted). Most of the drawings have something to do with faith. From top row, left to right, we have: wonders of God's creation, Saint Francis of Assisi, more of God's creation. Row 2: the burning bush, a cross, and a scene from Star Wars (the artist argued that it might comfort a child, and I had to agree). Row 3: Jesus on the cross, star of Bethlehem, and Noah's ark. We don't know who will get our quilt, but we hope God sees that it goes to someone who needs it, will like it, and appreciate it.

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Ann Flowers said...

LOVE the Tulips, they are my favorite flower!!!!

Ann Flowers