Monday, February 1, 2010

Tuesday Morning

We have a local Tuesday Morning store that's been in the same place for years. I went in a few times when they first opened, but never found much to recommend the place. I signed up for their sale fliers to be sent by mail, and have continued to get them all these years; they've spent a lot more money on paper, ink, and postage than I ever spent in the store! Until recently.

I found this package of natural shell buttons with their (very) small stash of beads. I think these could be painted, ala Gerry Krueger's cottage buttons. They are considerably bigger than the buttons we've used when Gerry teaches her button painting classes at the retreat, and therefore a bit heavier, but I think they could be really special.
The package included 6 of the butterfly shapes, 5 of the "donut" shapes, 4 each of the ovals and hearts, and an assortment of smaller hearts that are probably too small to paint on but could still be attached to a CQ, and all this for $6.99. Now if I can just drag the old paints out and get busy, we'll see what happens.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Great buttons! My Tuesday Morning has nothing like this. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

marilynneq said...

I just now signed up to be one of your blog followers. I love your work and believe I can learn much from reading your blog; your instructions are very clear and easy for me to follow as I am relearning a lot of my stitchery due to some memorary loss following open heart surgery the middle of Nov. 2007. It is much better now but I still need much practice. I may be emailing you for guidance & critique and assistance in creating my blog. Thanks again for your beautiful blog.
Marilynne in SE TN on ALA/GA borders...30 miles NW from Chatt., 100 mi. SE from Nashville