Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thirty years ago....

...I looked like this. Paul and I drove to Oregon to visit his brother and he took us to see the Pacific and some beautifully green areas nearby. I don't think we've taken as long of a trip since then! Several people posted on Facebook that this is Wayback Week, and our profile pictures should reflect that, so this is the one I posted. It startles me every time it comes up!
That halter top I'm wearing is one I made out of denim, lined with gold satin. The ties that start at the front neck cross in the back several times and tie at the waist, so it was essentially backless.

And here we have a denim coulotte skirt that I bought for a great niece for her 3rd birthday. It was plain and I embelished it a little. I have another skirt like it for another great niece that I'll post when it's done.
The doily is one I found at Sally's. Lately at Sally's they are pricing their doilies ridiculously high; several dollars for one doily. This one is pretty mangled on one corner, so I got it for 15 cents! I love the rose in the center and that can be salvaged. Also I think the other 3 corners are okay and would make excellent spider webs on a large scale project. And who doesn't love a huge spider web? Oh, really? You don't? Well I do!


pineapple_ing said...

WOW! Who's the cutie! :) I like spiders and webs! Especially on CQ's. Who doesn't!! A corner of that doily would look *great* on a CQ block. Hugs, ~ Ing.

Judy S. said...

Fun photo, Janet! I love the way you embellished the coulottes; that's a fun idea.

Maddie Can Fly said...

That is a GREAT photo of you -- you were (and still are) one little foxy chickie. My Salvation Army store here has always had hideously high prices. Now Judyth tells me that her store is doing the same. Hello? Have they forgotten they got their inventory for free?

FredaB said...

Very pretty and I am sure you still are.

I too like spider webs and any part of the doily can be used on a cq square with silk ribbon roses, etc. holding it down. Do it all the time.

The little skirt is darling.



Jane said...

Isn't it great to have these pictures of our young selves to look back at??? You wore that backless halter well, cutie!!