Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Round robins

I'm starting another new RR next month. This one is a DYB, or do your block, wherein each stitcher pieces 6 small blocks (6" finished size) and as they make their way around the group, each person chooses one to completely embellish. When the blocks come home, there's one left undone for the owner to stitch for herself. The theme for this one is Flower Fairies, and I've chosen to use images of fairies done by Cicely Mary Barker. Michael Miller has printed fabrics with some of her images on them and they're really lovely. The images in my blocks are silkies.

These blocks were actually given to me by Lauri B., who had 3 extras from her turn in a similar RR, and then generously offered to piece 3 more for me. I love the colors she used and the batik fabrics are perfect with the delicate fairies.

This block is from the Fantasy Landscape RR and it belongs to Velina. Her theme is at the beach, and other people have added a treasure chest, a mermaid, and a sea monster. I added the setting sun, the unusual moons, and the leaping fish (they're trying to avoid being dinner for the monster), which are done applique style using a sparkly knit fabric. I also added a pair of pink flip-flops abandoned on the beach, and a pink parrot guarding the treasure chest.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Now I can see the parrott and the flip flops -- so cute! Love the sky treatment and the fishies running from the monster. Thanks for posting on your blog so I can really see this.

Judy S. said...

What a great way to use the fairy fabric; I've got some of that too! Love the little treasure chest; what a fun block with your nice additions, especially.

Ann Flowers said...

The silkies look great. I love the color of the blocks.

Your additions to Velina's fantasy block are so great. I love your fish!! Your sunset and moons are fantastic. Flip flops a perfect addition. They are all great!

Ann Flowers

Thelma said...

Love your RR blocks. They are so pretty, can't wait to see them dressed up.
Velina's block looks awesome, she will love it!