Thursday, September 18, 2008

More at the museum...

Here is the tea cozy. Can't you just imagine yourself sitting down for tea in your rustley bustley Victorian gown and having the hostess bring out this beauty. I'd bust my corset for sure. It is thought to be of Scottish origin, dating 1887 to

This next quilt is American in origin, dates from 1876, and is silk. It had some really long-napped fabrics in it that almost looked like fake fur. Many of the embroidered motifs were oriental designs, but there was this Kate Greenaway looking figure.

Cathy getting up close, with Mary Francis beside her.

This quilt was my favorite as far as execution, but the next one I show will be my favorite theme. Check back tomorrow for the "virtues" quilt!


cq4fun said...

That is absolutely amazing - both of them. I'm looking at that teapot and wondering if she perhaps owned a Chinese teapot and took the design from it. How beautiful!

NormaH said...

How about that tea cosy for using the tiniest of pieces. Love both of these pieces!

Freda butler said...

I am amazed at the condition of the tea cozy. From the pics I could not see any shattered silk, etc. What a wonderful treasure and it looks like you gals had a great time. How many attended the retreat?

A tea cozy is a great idea to use up an old cq square.



Maddie Can Fly said...

This one is my favorite! I want that tea pot design and the crane! Thanks so much for sharing all this with us.