Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Denver Art Museum.....

...whose motto is, I believe, "DAM, that's good art!" We were allowed the supreme and rare pleasure of viewing up close and personal, 5 of the antique crazy quilts in their collection, and one tea cozy. We were ushered into the inner sanctum of the conservators' room, where the conservators would unroll a quilt for us. We were allowed to take photographs without flash, and to look as closely as we wanted as long as we didn't touch.
The first picture is of Gerry K. of Washington, and Debbie Q. of Maine. They traveled the farthest to be with us....and don't tell anybody, but the general concensus was that Debbie talks funny. Even a lady she met in a restaurant bathroom agreed, and she was from Mexico. Later this same day we saw a sign for a business called "Twice as Haute" and decided that was a great description for this pair of ladies!

The first quilt we saw was less than "crazy" as far as the pattern, but it did have embellishment embroidery on each seam line. It is made of wools and cottons, is Amish, and dates from about 1880.

I really liked the border on this one.

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cq4fun said...

Oh, wow! What an amazing quilt. It looks like stained glass windows.

I want to know the story on that one! And who are those masked women in the first picture? =)

cq4fun said...

I must have commented while you were still struggling with Blogger. =) Thanks!