Sunday, September 28, 2008

From the retreat: the gift exchange

Some people call this kind of exchange a Chinese auction, but it also has other names. Each person draws a number out of a hat, and beginning with #1, they choose a gift from the pile and open it. The next person can either steal that gift or choose to open another one from the pile. (Sadly, the dog was not part of the gift pile.)

Debbie and Gerry K.

Cathy is thrilled to open the package containing one of Gerry K's tall Victorian pin cushions.

Lauri made this adorable bear, which Gerry H was able to keep.

Leslie tries to choose Gerry K's chatelaine, but had to give it back.

Gerry K after stealing the goody package (that Cathy made) from Debbie. Then Debbie took the gift that Lauri had chosen, so......

....Lauri turned her eyes to Cathy's pin cushion.....

.... and Cathy reluctantly but graciously gave it up.

And that concludes my pictures of the retreat. Talks are ongoing for where and how to have next year's retreat!


Cathy K said...

You did a great job of photo-journaling our CQ Retreat Adventure, except for too many pictures of me. (After seeing the retreat pictures, I'm back on Weight Watchers, LOL!!). Hugs, Cathy

cq4fun said...

Normally, I hate that kind of gift exchange, but when all the gifts are fabulous, it doesn't really matter what you have at the end!