Sunday, December 9, 2007

Season to season winter block finished...maybe

This is Mary's winter block that I got to finish embellishing. She requested only that it be reflective of winter, without holiday overtones, as she's making a seasonal wall hanging. These colors were fun and challenging to work with.

I did some embroidery and beading, and then thought maybe I was done, but it doesn't have to be back to Gerry (the hostess) until early January. So I put it away and worked on some other things. Then I found a button that is two white doves at my LQS. It just begged to become part of Mary's block, so I added a button cluster with the doves as the center-piece. It may not be done yet; since I have some time, I'll put it away again and see what happens.


Susan said...

The block is so beautiful. Your stitching is very neat and even, which I like, of course. It's one of the things I always like about your work. Your choices of embellishments is so perfect!

Momma Bear said...

thankyou for visiting my blog!
the block is lovely.
ive thought about doing a white on white but have never gotten around to it.