Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pouch purses

This is a really easy to make little envelope purse or pouch. I started by cutting a piece of muslin for the foundation of the cqed part, which is the front of the envelope and the flap. I cqed it, then chose a solid color fabric from the ones used in the cqing to be the back of the envelope. This shape I cut by folding over the flap of the cqed piece (as it would be when assembled and closed) and using that shape as a template.

I used both the cqed front and the solid back as templates to cut the lining fabric, which in this case is a subdued black print, with dragonflies to match the cq design. With right sides together, I sewed the cq front piece to the solid back piece, and the two lining pieces in the same way. Clip corners, trim seams, etc. Turn the cq part right side out and press.

Tuck the cq piece into the lining piece (which is still wrong side out), and pin the two pieces together around the raw edges. Tuck the strap into the sides of this seam, and an elastic loop at the top of the flap. Sew it most of the way around, leaving an opening to turn through on the straight seam at the top of the back piece/lining. Clip corners, trim seams, etc. Turn the pouch right side out, tucking lining inside. Machine stitch or whip stitch the opening.

Press again gently, and add a button to catch the elastic loop to hold the pouch closed.
Sorry I didn't actually have photos of each step. The pouches are all done for now, with no plans to do more in the near future. Questions? Just ask and I'll try to answer.


Susan said...

That's a darling purse and your directions are very well explained! Thanks for sharing that.

Annie said...

I love your little purses. What size did you make them?