Monday, November 12, 2007

Elvis! Nancy's CYOT block

This block is for the Choose Your Own Theme round robin that I am just finishing up. There were only 5 of us in this round, but I've gotten to do some really fun blocks. First there was Lauri's romance novel theme, then Anne's Japanese, Flora's pineapples and palm trees, and now Nancy's Elvis. I was never a huge Elvis fan, (though I didn't dislike him) so I wasn't feeling very inspired at first. Nancy included with her focus fabric (which is the shiny, sparkly blue/green) some images printed on fabric of Elvis through his life. I chose one of him that might be an album cover (the larger one) and a smaller one also of just his face. There is just a bit of salmon pink in each of the images, so the main color scheme is from the blue/green, gold, and that soft salmon.

To the left of the smaller photo, I did a button trail that includes symbols of several of his gold and platinum hits. See if you can find them first, then check at the end of this post to see if you got them!

Zack and his grandpa were sharing a Kodak moment last night. Zack is probably wondering why grandpa's chin looks so different, and just had to have a feel of it.

Did you find:
A rose, for "Mama Liked the Roses"
A dog, for "Hound Dog"
A heart for "Heartbreak Hotel"
A teddy bear for "Teddy Bear"
A cross for all the gospel songs


Malla said...

Elvis block is super! Great stitching.

Lauri said...

See I told you something would come to you!
Beautiful job, she'll love it. It will go great with her others
See how you are addicted to buttons now?

Jane said...

I love the Elvis block, the record is great! Grandpas beard is definately getting checked out, Sweet photo!