Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meme 4 things challenge

First of all, just a cool picture of clouds from out my back door.

Lauri tagged me for this challenge.

Name 4 jobs you've had: Motel maid (that's going back to high school days), gift shop clerk, bridal shop clerk (that's another thing Lauri and I have in common), and antique quilt restorer.

Name 4 movies you could watch over and over: Just four? Okay, all the Mummy movies, all the Indiana Jones movies, all the X-men movies, and..... Milo and Otis.

Name 4 TV shows you like: Firefly (okay, it's not on anymore, but I have the whole series on DVD), Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, CSI.

Name 4 places you've lived: I've never lived anywhere but here in my hometown, but I have lived in 4 (and only 4) different houses during my life. There was the house I grew up in, the little house Paul and I rented when we were first married, the tiny house we bought soon after, and the one we have now. I would happily stay in this house till I die!

Name 4 favorite foods: Mexican, Chinese, steak, chocolate (dark chocolate M&Ms)

Name 4 favorite colors: Faded denim blue, burgundy, black, dark blue.

Name 4 places you'd love to be now: Does in bed count? It's been a long day, and not nearly over yet...okay, how about Hawaii, Santa Fe, Disneyland, a fabric and craft store with $100 burning a hole in my pocket.

Name 4 names you couldn't or wouldn't use for your children: Anthony Paul is the name we had picked out for a boy during each pregnancy, all of which turned out to be girls. I also like the names Asher, Brianna, and Alexandria.

Okay, now I'm supposed to tag four more people. Let's just say, if you're reading this and haven't already done this challenge, consider yourself tagged!

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Susan said...

I love finding someone else who loves Firefly! We have all of them and Serenity, and do our little marathons periodically. Love that show, hate that it got cancelled by dumb heads. =)