Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer stuff

This is an about-to-open moonflower from a few nights ago. I love how they look at this stage. Not sure if the photo captures it, but there is a definite lavender cast to the rolled up edges, and the little curlicues on the tips are so delicate. After the flower is fully open, it is whitest white, and the curlicues are nowhere to be found...

I'm joining a round robin on CQ for Newbies. It is a brown color study, so all embellishments and patches will be in shades of brown. I threw in a small silkie of an owl, just to get the ball rolling. I'm hoping for a woodsy feel for this block. I tried dyeing some laces in various shades of brown to use on others' blocks, with varying degrees of success. I was able to get some taupe and caramel colors, but I was hoping for some really dark browns, and that just didn't happen. And some of them turned blueish as they dried.

Here is a lonely cat, sitting in the bookstore. Why is she lonely? Because the other one I made was sold last weekend! Woohoo! I've got two more of this size ready to be put together, and two "kittens".

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Cathy K said...

Hi Janet, and congratulations on selling a cat!! You do such a lovely job. I heard about the browns RR from Susan Bonilla, who will be coming to the CQI Retreat in September. Is there any chance that you could come? We are almost full!! BTW, your moonflower is spectacular! Hugs, Cathy