Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fool's Gold, Maire's block

This is the next to the last set of blocks I get to work on in this round robin. They belong to Maire and she asked for William Morris type designs, and included some examples with her blocks. The first stitcher beautifully embroidered an image of the "strawberry thief" (a bird with a strawberry in its beak) in gold thread, and the other stitchers carried out either the bird or the strawberry idea, adding touches of red with the gold on the ivory blocks. So I stitched a branch with a golden nest and a lady bird sitting on (we assume) her eggs. Her mate is on a branch above her, leaning down to offer her the purloined strawberry. Here it is as a work in progress:

And as I finished it, adding a few more touches of red to balance out.

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