Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More cats

Here are the next two cats to be finished (at least I think the CQing is finished; they're obviously not stuffed yet). This one has one of the free-form fan shapes that I enjoy doing, some hand-dyed lace, and two bullion stitch bees.
And this one has some silk ribbon embroidery.
These next two are smaller, and actually have other-than-black fabrics in them. The full-size lying down cat is almost 12" tall, while these two are about 9". This one has a hand-painted pansy on the purple patch. I learned that not all fabrics are good for fabric painting. This one kept just absorbing the paint. It would look okay when wet, but as it dried, it just got fainter and fainter. Had to paint over it several times. I probably should have just taken the patch out (it was already pieced in as I was painting it) and replaced it, but after awhile it became a challenge: who would win, the fabric or me? I think it was a draw. The pansy has a sort of soft-focus look to it that I like, though, so it stays.
This one has some interesting fabrics in it. The stripe is actually wrong side up, but I liked this side better. The center patch is black satin; the way it's catching the light makes it look like it's blue or green, but it's black.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

I love the cats! And I'm with you on the challenge of making that piece work and not giving up -- LOL