Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fool's gold-Barb's block, and cats

This is the block I did for Barb in the Fool's Gold RR. I got to use 4 of the many trims I've hoarded for this RR, and I got to stitch some birds.
I saw some CQed cat shaped pillows for sale on Ebay. They were made from vintage quilts, I believe, but I thought they'd be fun to make from "scratch". I asked Margie, owner of the bookstores where I work, if she'd be interested in offering them for sale if I got some made, and she said yes. So here goes:
Foundations for the simple cat shape, both sitting and lying down.
The ones on Ebay were pieced from lots of black and other neutral colors, with vibrant stitching and motifs, but I chose black and grey fabrics. I used one figural print per cat.
And this is what I have done so far. The cats on Ebay were lightly stuffed, and kind of flat. They could be propped up against something, but wouldn't stand alone. I think I'll try to make mine with flat (and possibly weighted) bottoms so they can stand freely.

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