Monday, July 18, 2011

More moss rose and a block for Japan

Sorry to bore you with more of these flower photos, but every time I think these plants have peaked, they go and outdo themselves again. Don't know what it is about Sundays, but they seem to bloom especially brilliantly on Sunday mornings. And the coleus are starting to get a foothold too.

This block is one that was pieced by another stitcher who wanted to contribute to the Hearts and Hands for Sendai project, but didn't have the time to embellish a block. A group of blocks were sent from Australia to Leslie E. here in Colorado, then she sent them out to those of us who volunteered to embellish.

This block is so different from my usual style as to be almost unrecognizable to me. The first element I did was the yellow rose spray in the upper left corner. Maybe because it was vaguely circular, I found myself repeating the circular motifs all over the block, from the double button stacks to the single buttons, to the triple ring set (those linked rings were thought to represent friendships or familial relationships on Victorian quilts). In this case, they might represent Australia, for the piecer of the block, the USA for the embellisher and the project originator, and Japan, for the recipient. Now that this one is done, I can get it and my first Sendai block off to Leslie for finishing.


crafty cat corner said...

I love the rose spray,and I think the circular idea works well.

Ruby said...

I have enjoyed your flower photos. I didn't pick any up this year. Turned out to be a good thing since rain is so scarce at the moment.