Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glimpsing heaven through the clouds

I pieced these three blocks after I did that one for a friend. I just enjoy this color combination. I used it for my For the Birds round robin blocks, too.

I'm challenging myself to use only white, cream, or beige embellishments on the white and cream parts of the blocks, with the only color to be "leaking" out of the colorful center patch. To that end, I've now added lace motifs and some gimp trim.

This one has a corner of a vintage linen piece. I've found some lovely vintage hankies and linens lately and I'm determined to use them, not just take them out and fondle them occasionally.

I've actually done quite a bit of work on these since these photos were taken, so I'll try to do an update on their progress soon. I'm terrible about remembering to take "before" photos, so "yeah me" for remembering this time.
I'm not sure what they'll be when I'm finished, but the phrase "glimpsing heaven through the clouds" keeps rolling through my head, hence the title for this post. Perhaps a wall hanging? It's just like me to name something before it's even begun!
I had names picked out for my kids before they were conceived! I've had the name Io picked out for our next pet, and I don't have any idea whether it might be a dog, a frog, or a hairless rat.

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crafty cat corner said...

I really like the idea of just having the coloured centre, and the hankie corner looks beautiful.
I know what you mean when you talk about fondling the fabrics, I sometimes don't like to cut into my lace bits. lol