Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mike the Headless Chicken!

Fruita, Colorado, the next town to the west of GJ, has been celebrating a long-gone local celebrity for many years now. Mike the Headless Chicken (read his story here)Days include a 5k run, car show, chicken dance, and other goodies. This year they are including a quilt block contest; the blocks will be matted for display this year, and made into a quilt to be raffled off next year.
I've known about this contest for more than a month, but just wasn't getting any inspiration. I thought about how to do something in CQ, but no idea was "popping". Finally, I thought about appliqueing a headless chicken, with different brightly colored feathers in his tail. Then I checked the website, and suddenly remembered; Mike was a white chicken. No problem, I pulled out my favorite white on white and white on cream cotton fabric collection.
I drew out a simple rooster pattern, and cut each body part out of a different fabric. Then appliqued them to a chicken wire patterned fabric.

I added some chain-stitched feet....

...and now I'm working on feather stitching around the tail feathers.

I'll add some other embellishment stitching, and probably some SRE grass and flowers at his feet. The hardest part, the head, is blissfully unneeded...


Ruby said...

That could be one of my Leghorns except thankfully they still have heads!! Great work.

Cathy K said...

LOL - what a great piece and a fun idea. Mike is LEGEND in our household - Bruce has that offbeat sense of humor, you know. I love what you’re doing with your rooster and I KNOW it’s a winner! Big hugs,
PS - we have a rampant owl or hawk or fox on the Farm and several of our “loose” (dropped off anonymously by the public) roosters have met their demise lately. Last week, we found Kevin on the North Lawn, headless. He was definitely dead, though. Kevin, and his best friend Gary were 2 roosters who used to hang around the office area and we called them our “security guards”. Gary was killed about 2 weeks ago.

FredaB said...

Hi Janet

I love what you are doing. He is going to be great and you are right - the head or face is always the hardest for me too.

Bet this will be a hit.

Have you finished the Halloween hat yet? We are leaving for Chicago next week and once settled I will be back to mine.