Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flotsam and jetsam...

...because I've run out of synonyms for odds and ends and this and that.

I've been enjoying the iris blooming around the neighborhood and marveling at the variety of colors. This beauty is in our front yard and has had 5 flowers on it, one after the other, so it's been blooming for about a week and a half.

A page from a little book I bought at the library's used book sale a couple of weeks ago. There's a verse that goes with it:

The Song of the Iris Fairy
by Cicely Mary Barker

I am Iris: I'm the daughter
Of the marshland and the water.
Looking down, I see the gleam
Of the clear and peaceful stream;
Water-lilies large and fair
With their leaves are floating there;
All the water-world I see,
And my own face smiles at me!

Corbin knows what to do with a strip of fabric from my stash bag. Get Grandma to cut some holes in it and voila! it's a mask.

Get another piece, and complete your disguise.

Paul's boss gave us two wonderful handmade wooden rocking horses for the boys. This one is the larger of the two and sturdy enough for (even) me to sit on. It's the perfect size for Corbin, so of course Zack prefers it to the smaller one meant for him.

With a grin like this, who could deny him?


Louisiana Momma said...

love the mask.. that would go wonderful with the capes i just made for my boys to wear :-)

Judy S. said...

Great photos, Janet. I too love iris and wish the blossoms would last longer; sounds like you found a variety that produces many blooms at least. What wonderful wooden horses and very cute riders, too!

Sharkeysday said...

What a cutie! Yep, we had a great vacation! :) Nice to be back home tho!
Love the black and white project!

pineapple_ing said...

Flotsam and jetsam... That's a good one Janet! I wonder what you'll come up with next, LOL! Oh!.. you know I love them Flower Fairies! My favorite one being the Cornflower Fairy, but I'll give you one guess why *I* love :) the Iris Fairy too! LOL! Cute lil bandit! And I'll bet you just love to bite them cute lil cheeks of the brave lil horse rider! ~ *I*ng