Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Black and white; county fair project

This is my current project, which is small (24"x28"), but done on one large foundation piece. I've cautioned people before about how unwieldy it is to embellish a large block, but here I am doing it anyway. I hope to have it done by mid July so I can enter it in the county fair.

The center piece is one motif panel from the fabric I had printed with Spoonflower. They are an online company that will take your design and print it on fabric for you. The original drawing is one I made for our Christmas card in 1998, and has always been one of my favorites. Inside the card is Psalm 90:4. I added that one and two other angel related scriptures using the waste canvas method.

I used two of my favorite ties in this, the paisley-striped up in the left corner and the grid with flowers in the center just above the angel's face. I can't imagine someone wearing them as ties, but they are bold and beautiful! Some of the last patches I put in, like the black with white dots on the right, came from Lesley in Norfolk, UK. She's been cruising Ebay lately finding fabric treasures and was kind enough to share her bounty with me.

This won't be all black and white as the embellishments are added. I do tend to like botanical embellishments, so there will have to be greens and perhaps some flower colors.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Be sure and let us know how the embellishment goes with so large a block. I've been wanting to try this also. I love the angel and bunny. Good luck!

Ruby said...

Janet, would knowing the size of waste canvas give me an idea of the size of your scripture writings. ?? They are in back stitch? Was there a certain way you added patches. It really is a pleasing arrangement! I was reading V Brown's blog and she has done one "by adding pieces like a puzzle". The idea really interests me but I'm not sure I'm 'free' enough! Can't wait to see this with some wonderful stitching. Ruby

Judy S. said...

And surely you'll add a spider web?
This is going to be wonderful, Janet!

Ira said...

Great work. I love you letters.

Lori said...

Just beautiful! Janet, always a pleasure visiting your blog! That piece should win for sure! can't wait to see the embellisments!