Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The clutch bag

Here is how the black and gold and red block turned into its new incarnation as a purse. The scissors are for size comparison.

And the other side. The triangular part is a flap that closes with a bit of black elastic that slips over the red button. It is lined with black satin, and the black rectangular piece you see as part of the front is mole cloth.


Jane said...

Now this is my kind of evening bag.. forget those puny little things that barely hold a lipstick LOL! This came out very nice and a great idea for the closure... Have a great week... and Happy Labor Day BTW... fall is closing in fast now.

Anonymous said...

How pretty that is! I love to see what people do with their blocks.

Love the birdhouse blocks, too.

Judy S. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Janet! That is my first finished block...am still working on last fall's STS thing! After seeing everyone else's work, it took me a while to get up my nerve to try a swap, so I appreciate your encouragement. BTW, love your purse; it's fun to get ideas on what to do with the finished blocks. I did trade a couple of hearts earlier this year, the do half kind of thing and those are what gave me courage to dive in to a "real" swap.