Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Black and gold

Earlier this year I met a new friend online; Kate in UK. I sent her some fabrics and a heart that I had done in CQ, and she sent me back some goodies and this block that she had pieced all in black and gold. It was mostly unembellished, so I could do with it whatever I wanted to.
Last month, while trying to find a bag to carry to a wedding that wasn't my usual "suitcase", I thought of this block. It would make a really lovely small bag, hmmm. I didn't have time to make it to take to the wedding, but afterwards I got busy on it. I had just done a very pastel block and the dramatic black and gold was a great change of pace.

There was just the tiniest bit of red peeking out from a seam line of the center medallion patch, so that inspired me to use shades of red along with the black and shades of gold. As I was embellishing it, and telling it it would be a lovely purse someday with a nice long black braid strap, it began to contradict me. I tried to convince it that it would like being hung over my shoulder, but it kept saying no. I tried folding it along the lines I was picturing, and still it said no. Bossy purse block!

So I believe it will get its own way and be a strapless clutch bag. Stay tuned for pics of its future incarnation.


Lisa said...

How pretty! This will make a gorgeous evening bag!

patchlisel said...

Wonderful, I dont know that black and gold make a so pretty needlework.

best regards