Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where are you?

This block is for a swap being held on CQ4N by Carole in Arizona. We were to complete a block that represents our town, state, or area, to be swapped out with someone as far away as possible.

So here's a little CQ tour of western Colorado for you. The tannish mountain to the left is Mount Garfield. The large green one on the right is Grand Mesa (just a bit of it). The blue patch represents the Colorado River, which is, in real life, never that color (that's called artistic license). Beginning on the right with the embroidered aspen trees, the button trail includes a deer, a golden rose (for the gold rush), a snowflake, a rainbow trout, a stegosaurus (our state fossil), cowboy boots, and an owl face. There's a bunny hiding in the yucca plants, which are growing over some Native American pictographs. The waterfall fabric is typical of any number of places in the mountains which might be home to some playful river otters. The sky would be looking to the east, so that might be a sunrise. With the recent wildfires, we've been having some very intensely colored sunrises and sunsets.


Judy in Indiana said...

Your block is beautiful! Congratulations again on that fair win. I'm awarding you the Brilliant Weblog award.
Judy in Indiana

Mrs. B said...

Your workmanship is amazing!! I hope to be that skilled one day :-)) Thank you for the welcome to blogland ! I LOVE your blog and I have added you to my daily reads on my blog!

Mrs. B

Jane said...

Hi there Janet, Wow, love this block you created! This was a fun project and I can't wait to see the different "places". I also wanted to congratulate you on your win at the fair! I knew you had it in the bag, so to speak, it was (is) a gorgeous piece. I know you've got something new on the "burner", do share... take care for now...