Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tutorial for stitching tiny pansies

Here is how I stitched the little pansies on the two pieces on the bottom.The drawing below illustrates the first steps and where to place the first three cast-on stitches in relation to the French knot.
First I stitched a line of stems to put the flowers on. The initial stitch is Cretan on top and chevron on the bottom, but you don't have to use this exact stitch. Just something with fairly even spacing is fine. Above the top of each stem, I stitched a French knot in yellow-green.


 Sorry this is out of focus, but here I have stitched the first petal (7 wrap cast-on stitch) on the left and have positioned the needle to take the wraps of the second one on the right.

This shows the needle positioned to take the 10 wraps that form the larger bottom petal.

After completing the row of flowers in the light yellow, I go back and add the petals that sit right behind the top two petals. I used a darker yellow for these petals, and they are also done with 7 wraps.
The finishing touch is just a touch from a fine point purple marker to make the darker "face" patches.
Here is another example, done as an insert for a notecard.


Judy S. said...

Very nice tutorial, Janet. I always love to see your stitching!

Cathy Kizerian said...

Super tutorial! Very clear and such a great idea, especially this time of year.

crazynewbie said...

Great tutorial. Thank you.

Pamela Kellogg said...

Oh yes, very nice tutorial. I ll be doing some of these little pretties!

BCD67 said...

Very nice. Many thanks.

sewok said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. Very clear and I can't wait to try it. Phyllis

Asha said...

Thanks for the very clear tutorial with pictures! I love pansies!! :)