Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crazy quilt show and sale

 We had a show and sale at Grand Valley Books on Nov. 23rd. Lauri's quilt, titled "Janet's Fault" is on the right. It won many ribbons at the Mesa County Fair last summer! The quilt on the left is by Ethel M. She has a natural knack for CQing, by machine, as this quilt is done, or by hand.

 The Christmas quilt on the upper right is also by Ethel. The other 3 are Lauri's. The one on the upper left is from at least 2 different round robins that Lauri participated in that had an under-the-sea theme.
 We also had some ornaments and small stockings for sale, along with the cards from my last post.
Quite a few of these have been sold or are still available for sale at the bookstore.

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Judy S. said...

Wish that book store weren't so far away! How neat to have CQ quilts at a show; that seems to be a rarity.