Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brown RR, cards, and a toad

I finished the scallops out to the corner of the patch on this block and it's ready to go to the next stitcher.
I've been collecting counted cross stitch card kits for years, and used to do a cross stitch piece for the insert (not always the one the kit came with). But I thought I'd give CQing a try. Turns out that works pretty well too!

A lady who came to view the quilts at the show we had at the store gave me about a dozen little spools of vintage silk button hole twist. To thank her, I made this card for her. The silk twist is a finer thread than I'm used to using. It's a little finer than size 8 perle; maybe closer to 12, and oh, so shiny! It's what I used on all the cards.
A recent visitor to our back yard.

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