Thursday, November 3, 2011

Retreat block

Here's a bit more work done on my block.

I might have continued to swirl those flying leaves all over the block, had I not run out of thread! I suppose I could dye some more (or ask Lauri to dye some). I used a whole bobbin full of some that she dyed and gave to me, and the whole chunk that I dyed at the retreat, which wasn't an exact match, but it blends well enough. What do you all think? More leaves? There will be more of that rust/orange color added to other parts of the block as I continue.


Gerry Krueger said...

You could stop right now and I would gladly add it to my "best of the best"... The northern lights are spectacular.... And of course I always have an opinion.... Yes a few more leaves would be nice but the tree needs to be taller... Am sending you a picture... Hugs Gerry/

Momma Bear said...

I'd love to see more leaves and that wonderful tree!

Lauri said...

Which color did you use? I can do up some more for you. Your block looks great by the way. LOL