Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outlander Round Robin and a good day at Sally's

I'm in a RR that has as its theme the book series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. For the first block I got to work on, I painted the emblem from the front of the book that I have, stitched the Fraser clan motto, and then did some seams.

The last time I got to go to the Salvation Army store near my house, I found these buttons and a lace motif that I've never seen before. The buttons on the left are mother of pearl, still on the card and priced originally at 39 cents each. Anybody care to guess how long ago that might have been? I paid a quarter each for the cards, and will portion these beauties out judiciously. The buttons that are two to the card are glass and equally lovely.

The lace motif is on its way to a new owner. Hope she likes it.


Anonymous said...

What a fun round robin. I love your painting. The buttons look great, and that was a *very* long time ago. I never see buttons for 25 cents a card at my thrift stores!

Debbie said...

The new owner of the lace motif loves it! Thnks so much, Debbie (Maine)