Sunday, March 20, 2011

Progress on my witch hat; I'm getting close!

This is the under side of the brim. It now has some hand-dyed lace and a meandering flowery ribbon trim in addition to the wide ribbon that Ingrid gave me at the retreat last fall. I've also added the very large spider web, which is part of a torn doily. An appropriately large spider will eventually be added there.

The cone part of the hat is done, I think. You never know when you'll find something else you want to stick on a CQ project, but it has all the elements I originally planned for it. Yes, I do occasionally have a plan; I just rarely stick to them.

The upper side of the brim now has a little witch girl silkie framed with a hand-dyed lace heart. I just added the words, "Don't make me call the flying monkeys" on a velvet-flocked cotton patch using waste canvas. It gave me some trouble pulling out the threads, but I like how it looks. My next wording project will be adding, "double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble" on the lace patch. That should be fun.

Here's the little girl silkie upright.

And a meandering chain stitch that helped fill in an awkward area around the lace cirle.

I just added the moon yesterday, using the most perfect moon fabric I've ever run across. It's mottled ivory with a pearlized wash in spots. I found a remnant of it a local fabric store, and bought it because I like to do all cream colored blocks occasionally (they're just fun to work on). When I planned the moon, I was going to use yellow satin, or a gold speckled ivory cotton, then I found this where I'd stashed it after I bought it. It's perfect!
Side note: last night was the night for the super moon, as the media has been calling it, or the super-duper mega-moon-a-rooni, as we've dubbed it around here. Supposedly it was the closest the moon has been or will be to the earth in years. We were all stoked to see it, and guess what? Cloudy skies, no moon visible at all.

And before you get all impressed, I didn't stitch the witch on the moon. She's an applique I purchased at the same store in which I found the moon fabric. They were meant to be together, I guess!


Cathy K said...

Your witch hat is so awesome. After seeing yours in progress last fall (and Gerry H’s completed one a couple years ago), I finally bought the pattern. I am hoping to start on it this year, but I’ve probably got too much on my plate. Anyway, I LOVE how yours is coming together and can’t wait to see it complete. Beautiful stitching, as always!! Big hugs, Cathy

Lori said...

Janet! LOVE your witches hat! Awesome job on it! yes, the witch on the moon looks great! love your stitches as usual and the spider is going to be BIG! LOL can't wait to see it on you!

crafty cat corner said...

I love this hat, what are you making it for, not that you need to have a purpose for it.
Isn't it amazing how all these bits and pieces laying around eventually get their turn. Some of my fabric I think I will never use and then all of a sudden it is just what I need.
Can't wait to see this hat finished.

Lauri said...

Very Cool QQ
I've got several spider and web fabric pieces for you. Along with about 40 different hand dyed threads I did for us
I reallyneed to make one of these hats

Gerry Krueger said...

This is the coolest project.... I LOVE hats.... I have a sequin witches hat I keep hanging on one bedpost incase I wake up and have to be a witch... On the other bedpost I have my crown because most days I have to be a queen...

Hugs Gerry K.

FredaB said...

Hi Janet

Your witch hat is going to be wonderful. Really a work of art. You get me inspired to start on mine when we get home in May. the next thing you know it will be Halloween. Where does the time go?