Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Orbs and RRs

I tried to take a photo the other night of the moon rising into a skiff of clouds. It was beautiful the way the light edged the clouds. I could tell it wasn't working well when I viewed it on the camera's screen, but I posted it anyway for the orbs.

The brightest orb is the moon, of course, but there are 4 other orbs floating throughout the photo. Does anyone have a good explanation of what they are? I have gotten orbs in photos taken inside and outside, in full daylight and now in darkness. They rarely show up in close-ups, but in the mid-range they can be between the viewer and the person in the photo. The photos that several of us took at the grandsons' baptism are full of orbs of various sizes and in various positions.

There's one between Rachel's pant leg and the camera. And below, one next to Corbin's leg.

I know there must be some scientific reason that they pop up sometimes, but I prefer the mystical one: they are spirits or angels.

This is the block I embellished for Arlene for the Flower Fairies III RR. I'm having so much fun with the colors and theme of these blocks. They're springy and whimsical!

And here's the finished winter block that belongs to Beryl.

And a small shot of what Beryl did with my winter block. I'll post a larger pic when I get it home!


Debbie said...

Janet, the RR blocks are gorgeous but I want to especially comment on the "orbs". It has always been my understanding they are spirits. Have you ever taken a pic and seen the orbs in the lens of the camera moving? very interesting! Debbie (Maine)

pam said...

Yes Janet I agree with Debbie,I believe they are spirits too.
I have seen these in a haunted house that I lived in many years ago.
I liken them to ''sparkling stars'' as always there when in a darkened
I love you blog and thank you for sharing the bird tutorial with us..lovely.

pineapple_ing said...

LOL! Could it maybe be little flex of dust on your camera lense or perhaps a little splash of water dried up on the lense leaving a water mark. I'm all for spiritual beings, but try taking a soft, clean q-tip to the lense, LOL! Janet I love the little boullion birds. Thanks for the tut. I'm gonna give it a try. Hugs, ~ Ing

Maddie Can Fly said...

Hey Janet, I have a great picture of orbs. My nephew (Eagle Scout) was doing community work at the oldest house in Kansas and was cleaning out the cemetary behind the house. He took a picture of a particularly old gravestone(taken with a black & white camera) and there are 3 very clear, distinct orbs in that picture. All other pics taken that day at the house with the same camera and film have no orbs.

BCD67 said...

Janet, if you want a larger pic of your winter block before it arrives in the mail, you can find one on my blog. I think you can right click and copy.

Jane said...

(twilight zone song leading in here) I'm a definate believer and consider the even deeper meaning of when the spirits allow them selves to be photographed during some moment, event or experience.