Monday, October 5, 2009

Retreat: Show and tell, part 2

This is the lovely Ingrid from California (on the right, left is Diane from Ontario). She happens to live near the Piecemaker's store there and is a frequent student in their classes. They know her so well that they allowed her to bring one of the Piecemaker Quilts, titled "Out of the Darkness" to our retreat. This quilt is the star of the 2009 calendar, one of 3 that were made (one was sold to a private collection) and it is just breath-taking. I thought so when I saw the picture of it on the calendar, but in person you can see the details and the subtle colors that were used so sparingly and so effectively on the black and white blocks. I took a picture of each block, so prepare to be amazed (click on the pics for a larger view).

In the block below, the butterfly on the upper right is all done in silk ribbon embroidery. You may not even realize it's a butterfly at first, as it looks like a grouping of flowers.

And the center block:


Judy S. said...

Thanks for sharing, Janet! I love that red butterfly. Sounds like you all had a great time.

Diane said...

Wow, that quilt is really impressive. Until I looked at the enlarged photos, I thought it was no big deal, then I double clicked on them almost fell off my chair. ;-) Thank-you so much for posting those pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them.

Gerry said...

I'm so glad you got these great photos of this quilt.

Thanks for visiting!