Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spider and butterfly

Here's the best pic I've been able to get of the little spider and her web. If you click on the picture to get it bigger, then look just to the left of the big cluster of tomatoes, you'll see an orange spot. That's the spider, and right below her is the web. Keeping in mind that she's the size of a pinhead (the tomatoes are yellow pear tomatoes, about the size of grape tomatoes), her web is about 2" across, but as complete in every detail as her larger relative's 10" web.

On CQInternational, for the second year, we are donating blocks to be put together for the Making Memories organization to auction off to benefit breast cancer charities or research. Last year the guidelines were to use the bridal gown fabrics as the patches, and to embellish in mostly whites and creams, with small amounts of pastel green, pink, and metallic gold.
This year we are to use the bridal fabrics, but to embellish in jewel tones, with butterflies and dragonflies (and flowers/plants). This is part of my block for this year. The butterfly is done in 3D by cutting out two motifs from fabric, stitching them together right sides together, then turning right sides out. They then are stitched down to the block just along the body area, leaving the wings to move up and down. This looks incredibly realistic, in my opinion. When I pick up the block to work on it, the wings move and it almost looks like the butterfly is going to fly away!

Here the wings are pinned in the up position. They won't stay this way unless pinned, but this is how you see butterflies at rest.


Judy S. said...

Yep, she's there all right, and I could find her after I double-clicked on your photo. All those tomatoes, too, you lucky person!

Your butterfly is lovely, Janet. What a nifty idea!

pineapple_ing said...

Janet, Not only is the butterfly a nifty idea, but I am also very impressed with the cute little roses and leaves that it sits on. Are they cast-on stitches?.. And what stitch did you use for the leaves? Sure hope you get a little more sunshine for those yummy lookin tamadas... you can keep the spider though! :)
Hugs, ~ Ing

Ira said...

Great butterfly on beautiful roses