Monday, July 27, 2009

More spiders, again...

This block belongs to Simona in Italy. I did the silk ribbon spray using some 7mm ribbon that I dyed myself for the roses. The dark flowers are French knots done in burgundy variegated 7mm from Bucilla that perfectly match the colors in the darkest print on the block. I hope this is clear enough when you click on the photo that you can see the tiny spider and her fantasmagorical web. Wonder where she learned to spin a web like that?

And speaking of spiders, do you remember the big orange-ish hump-backed orb weaver that we had living in our front flower bed last summer?

Well, there's a baby one, perhaps her daughter, living on one of my tomato plants out back. She's a perfect little replica of the large spider, same color, same bumps on her back, but the size of a pinhead, and she weaves a perfect little orb. Where the big spider's web was 10" across, the baby's is about 2", but just as beautifully woven. I wish I could take a picture, but I think she's just too small. If she hangs around long enough and grows, I'll try to take a picture.


Judy S. said...

Last month in a yarn shop in Madison, WI, I saw a cartoon featuring your spider. The other spiders were shaking their heads and commiserating. "Ever since she took that lace class, she's been doing these." (A web similar to yours!)

Maddie Can Fly said...

I don't know where that spider learned to weave that web but it sure is pretty. If my spiders could do that, I'd let them live instead of killing them all (g)