Thursday, May 1, 2008

Snowy May Day, additions to the blue wedge

After having 70+ degree days this week, we woke up this morning to rain and snow and wind. Some May Day! Here's how Jaxon responded to the rotten weather. I honestly don't know how he breathes when he does that.

Here's the changes I've made (so far) to my blue wedge. The orange seed bead "lightning" bolts really did make that orange leaf button look less out of place. Thank you to all who offered suggestions and comments, both here and on CQ4N!


Charlene said...

oh, yes - now that's the ticket!!


OH look at Jackson! hehehehe I take it he didnt like going outside at all! I would love some weather--just windy and warm here--come on down! hehe *~*CAROLE*~*