Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black Canyon Quilt Show

 Paul and I went to the quilt show in Montrose, Colorado last weekend. It was really nice, and I took some photos of my favorites. This double wedding ring quilt is an antique, which interested me, as it's the same pattern and similar fabrics as the one I recently bought from Salvation Army. This one is larger than mine, and is valued at $800, but I think mine is just as pretty.
 This quilt was made with pillowcase ends that had been expertly crocheted and embroidered and then never used. The quilting around the embroidery really sets it off beautifully.
 This large applique quilt was very impressive, too. The hand quilting on it is as delightful as the applique. See the hummingbirds in the quilting?

 This was as close as they came to a crazy quilt. It was all done by machine, and certainly very pretty, but it just doesn't have the personality of a hand embroidered quilt.
 A hanky quilt.
 And what to do with 5 pieces of a wedding ring quilt? This is a great way to show them off, along with vintage buttons.
This was a lovely quilt, but the description just made me laugh. I hope she meant "reproduction" fabrics. I know some ladies who thought that their stash might be growing and reproducing in some magical manner, but I don't really think it's possible. Or does it mean that you'll get pregnant if you sleep under this quilt?

New critters in the family

 This is Dexter. He's a 6 year old French Bulldog that we "rescued" from our local humane society. I put rescued in quotes, because I don't think there was much of a chance of him languishing at the kennel for long. He was a pretty popular guy, so we had to make a snap decision about bringing him into our family.
 I had gone in just to donate our leftover food from Jaxon, and they asked if we'd like to see the dogs while we were there. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not, but thought it might be a good way to start to wrap my mind around the possibility of getting another dog. About 1/2 way down the first aisle, there was Dexter. He'd been relinquished by his only family because their new baby was allergic. He barked at Michaela and I, but just quietly. Every other dog in the place was making quite a racket. We asked to take him outside for a short walk, and he seemed calm and unafraid. So we read his file. He'd been brought in on my birthday (talk about a sign from the universe) and had been there 4 days. When Paul got home, I dragged him back with me, and we came home with Dexter.
And here's Michaela's baby rat, Skeever. She will stretch out on Michaela's arm and fall asleep. She loves to run around on Michaela's shoulders, but will also dive down into her cleavage. It's especially funny to see either a little rat's tale sticking out of there, or a furry little nose.

Thrift store finds

 I found this...thing...at Sally's recently for $2.99. It appears to be hand made, hand beaded, and has a date in beads on the underside of the tail. Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what it was for? A pin cushion perhaps? Or just a pretty thing?

 This isn't a thrift store find, it's a RR block. The "bowl" of cherries was crocheted by Cris for me.
 These 4 counted cross stitch designs were all sold together. They may become centerpieces for a CQ someday.